Mechanism of Action

It is a viscous liquid pharmacologically inert that lubricates and softens the stools and is emollient



Simple constipation, in patients where straining at stools is to be avoided like in fissures, haemorrhoids and in bed ridden patients



Adults: 15-30ml once a day

Children: Not recommended



Not below 3yrs


Special Precaution

Chronic use should be avoided as it can lead to deficiency of fat soluble vitamins


Adverse Drug Reactions

UN pleasant taste associated with vomiting can cause foreign body granulomas in intestine. Can cause lipid aspiration pneumonia especially in bed ridden patients


Status in

1. Pregnancy : Contraindicated

2. Lactation : Contraindicated

3. Old age : Use with caution

4. Children : Not recommended


Brands available and preparations of LIQUID PARAFFIN


Pharmaceutical Company

Brand Name



(Liq. paraffin 1.6ml, Agar 10mg, per 30ml)

   120 ml Liq  

   400 ml Liq