Shri Arihant Distributors

Right Medicines @ Right Time @ Right Place




We distribute pharmaceutical and allied products.  We specialize in speedy delivery of wide range of life-saving medicines for cancer, enteral / parenteral nutrition, cardiology, nephrology, poison anti-dote, vaccines, burns dressings, hi-tech drugs.

We spread our distribution network throughout the city of Mumbai, reaching to broad spectrum of customers- Chemists, Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Doctors and Government Institutions.

All potential customers are covered twice a week and delivery of stocks is on the same day

Cold Chain
We take maximum care to maintain required cold-chain. Vaccines and other critical thermo-sensitive medicines are stored and delivered in cold-chain.  (In a sealed thermo Cole boxes with coolants)

SOS / Emergency
We deliver specialty and life saving medicines on call basis taking into consideration life of ailing community and critical need of health care service providers.

Every attempt is made to provide relevant information with respect to medicines we deal or we try to channel them to appropriate source.

Available medico-legal information is provided for better compliance.