Shri Arihant Distributors

               Right Medicines @ Right Time @ Right Place


Team & Infrastructure

Organization’s Personnel work as a TEAM, which fosters Team Spirit.

Team is lead by three Full-time Directors.

Every member of the team is given due importance and in turn they have become a back bone of our effective & efficient Team, which forms the main structure of our service model.

Each member is qualified, experienced, polite and ready to serve our customers with courtesy and smile.


Medicine Storage area of around 2000 sq. ft. and Office measuring 500 square feet.

IT is a integral part of our organization and we are inter-connected through Local Area Network (LAN) with In-housed developed Window-based and supported by up-to-date hardware configuration.

Have installed three coolers with combined capacity of more than 1500 liters maintaining temperature control between 2 and 8 degrees centigrade.