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International Services

Web Site you are Viewing is an Database Driven Site, we provide:
*  Development of Organization’s Web Site
*  Integrating ERP Modules with Web for Product Management, Procurement and Customer Care
*  Web-based (Internet / Intranet) Customized Software Development, Inmpelementation and Connectivity

Other Unique Services:
ERP and Customized Software Evaluation
Assist Organization to evaluate requirements for ERP and Customized Software; can be for Industry & Organization specific
*  Analysis, Business and Process Workflow and Documentation of each Organization area
*  Evaluate and Recommend ERP Systems, which meet requirements of Organization
*  Coordinate Implementation of ERP and/or Customized Softwarefor Organization (Pre-packaged ERP, Ex: SAP)
*  Design & Develop Customized ERP and/or Customized Software in Phases based on Analysis
*  Training for Functional personnel for ERP and Customized Software
    -  Pre-Implementation
    -  Post-Implementation
*   Design and Develop Functional Training material for Training Center for Organization usage

Infrastructure Security
*  Evaluate Physical, Network and Communication security of organization
*  Design and Implement Security procedures for Organization
*  Prepare and Implement Policy and Procedures for Security
*  Prepare and Implement Disaster Management Program for Organization
*  Audit Security and Disaster Preparedness of personnel and organization
*  Conduct Disaster Preparedness Programs for organization for quick recovery

Consultancy Services
Support for any unique IT requirements that organization may have
    -  Biometric Systems Implementation and Integration with Software
    -  Customer Resource Management
    -  Product Management System
    -  Document Management
    -  Business Intelligence

Training Programs
*  ERP
*  Business Intelligence
*  Business & Process Workflow
*  Supply Chain Management
*  Product Data Management
*  Computer Crimes & Investigation
*  Disaster Management & Preparednes

Mr. Ashvin Oza                  0265 6454479 / M: 9824712122                E-Mail: ajoza@timesintl.org

Ms. Meeta Trivedi               M: 09820396364              E-Mail: mktrivedi@timesintl.org